3D X-Rays

Extraoral Imaging System – Optimizing Treatment Strategy

In recent years, cone beam CT (CBCT) technology has proven to be an effective technology to assist in treatment planning.

CBCT offers many advantages in periodontics. Perhaps the most important is that 3D allows users to accurately visualize anatomic features that intraoral and panoramic modalities are simply unable to capture. And, because images are acquired as high resolution 3D volumetric data, a periodontist can interact with the software to ensure superior visualization of the relationships between teeth and their surroundings—a critical requirement when planning treatment.

The 3D extraoral imaging system delivers the highest spatial resolution in CBCT at the lowest radiation dose, making it an ideal tool for applications such as periodontal diagnosis, treatment guidance, and post treatment evaluation.

3D system eliminates the need for guesswork and multiple treatment visits by quickly providing information needed to make an accurate diagnosis effectively and efficiently.

To learn more about how this technology can optimize periodontal treatment strategy and provide great benefits to the patient, we invite you to call our office today.